Terms and service

Equinox Build Team, the company here after referred to as, (“Equinox Build Team”), (“Us”), (“We”) and the client, (“Customer”), (“Client”) and (“You”)
The use of Equinox Build Team’s services constitutes acceptance and agreement to ToS (“Terms of Service”)

1. These Terms of Service are subject to change at any time with or without warning.

2. Refunds are not and will not be available to any client due to the nature of our services.

3. Addtionally we will require a down payment on every build unless said otherwise. The down payment is usually 50% but is subject to change depending on the Clients commission.

4. All payments from the client will be payed via PayPal and using the option “I am paying to friends and family” to the email given by Equinox Build Team.

5. The customer must provide detailed description of the commission in the form of pictures, themes, colours, notes and more information if possible to Equinox Build Team. In failure to do this may result in a build that does not satisfy the customer.

6. The project will be built on an Equinox Build Team server and will be delivered as a World File and World Edit Schematic in a ZIP file.

7. Due to the possibility of 3rd party world downloading programs, no physical visits will be allowed through Minecraft accounts by anyone other than the Equinox Build Team employees.

8. Screenshots or video will be given to the customer whenever requested.

9. A Final reveal of the project before delivery can be arranged through a screen sharing program after which the payment will be due.

10. We will do our very best to finish your request on time, if it cannot be delivered by the time agreed by Equinox Build Team and the Client we reserve the rights to change the deadline so we can deliver a high-quality build.

11. After the build is complete the Client will be allowed to request a one-time polishing after the payment is given in which the client will give notes to the Equinox Build Team. After, The Equinox Build Team will spend a maximum of 3 hours of work to polish to pre-existing build. However no additional builds can be requested.

12. If the Customer’s payment is 7 days overdue of the time the build is finished, then Equinox Build Team has the right to sell the build or place the build on a forum(s) in which the build will be publically available.

13. You are not permitted to claim any build by Equinox Build Team as your own. Proper credits must be honoured and respected to Equinox Build Team and its respective members.

14. If the build is being used without permission on other Minecraft servers, then the build will be placed on public forum(s) made available to all.

15. Neither the Customer nor Equinox Build Team may cancel this project without the other’s consent. If the customer breaks this without consent, then a possible deposits will cover the costs of Equinox Build Team and no refund will be given.

16. If a billing dispute of any kind will not exempt you from paying current and future builds. If any chargebacks occur on your credit card or PayPal account, we reserve the full rights to terminate all services and make your build(s) public and downloadable.

17. We reserve the full rights to terminate your services upon violation of these terms or any other basis if deemed needed.

18. A Modifications to these terms of service can only be made under agreement by both parties.